Star in a video or photo shoot with Mistress raven

Have you always fantasised about starring in one of Mistress Raven’s raunchy video clips or photo galleries?

Mistress always likes to punish willing victims in her Glasgow dungeon, only serious and dedicated slaves need apply.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Filiming will be conducted at Mistress Raven's dungeon in the Southside of Glasgow.
  2. You have to prove that you're over 18 so you must bring at least one form of photographic ID, either your driving license and/or passport. A copy of your photographic ID will be kept by Mistress.
  3. Punishments can be filmed at any mutually agreeable time.
  4. If you're shy, you may wear a hood or a mask. Hoods and masks must be pre-approved by Mistress.
  5. The content to be filmed will be centered around your personal fetishes, happy and contented slaves make for the best video clips.
  6. Mistress likes unusual fetishes as well as the everyday favourites, if you have a particular fetish or roleplay you'd like to have filmed then you have to tell Mistress beforehand.
  7. All filming must comply with UK Pornography Laws, so familiarise yourself with them, here's some useful links:
  8. You can have a copy of the clip(s) that we film but you must bring a clean flash drive.
  9. The tribute for filming with Glasgow's kinkiest mistress is £100 per hour and filiming lasts for a minimum of two hours.
  10. You will be expected to pay a 50% non-returnable deposit on the day you book.

Sign me up Mistress, I'm a willing victim!

In the first instance, send Mistress Raven an message and let her know that you're a willing victim for one of her photoshoots or filming sessions. Once Mistress chooses you to be her victim, you must follow ALL instructions, failure to do so will result in your filming session being cancelled.